If you want to update your kitchen or setting up a kitchen from scratch, you’re probably wondering which appliances you really need. Depending on the number of members you cook for, choose the basic kitchen appliances that will probably come in handy and are used on regular basis.  A cooktop is the most essential tool in the kitchen. The kitchen appliances, kitchen design and its technology would attract anyone to cook. Cooking is made much easier with these appliances. In olden days to cook food or fry something one needs to arrange dry wooden logs or cow dung to convert it into flame or arrange firewood for cooking and it used to take hours to cook even a onetime meal. Today, so many improvements are done in the kitchen for making the work easier especially for mothers as they are considered to be the super chef of every Indian kitchen.

Choosing a designer cooktop can be a personal choice for many and cooktops without any doubt are the most frequently used and essential tool in every Indian kitchen. While a gas cooktop is the traditional alternative, more and more people are prefer to use only induction cooktops, or hybrid cooktops; that is a combination of the two. The advantages of an induction cooktop over gas is that it’s a cleaner option, generates less heat (making cooking a lot more comfortable), and is safer to use with auto-cut or auto-off features. The disadvantages are that many induction cooktops are not as fast as gas cooktops. Another disadvantage is that one nneds to arrange flat surface special utensils, not recommended for round bottomed vessels such as kadais or round bowls; also you’ll need an alternative when there is a power cut. While most gas cooktops provide four or more burners and a visible cooking flame offers fast and precise cooking flame. Gas cooktops operate on natural gas and are safe and cheap.

A designer cooktop or glass cooktops in kitchen adds value to the kitchen and helps in cooking everything from preparing breakfast to lunch and dinner. It also makes the cooking process easy and enjoyable.  Many buyers may want to find modern branded cooktops that allow them plenty of space for food preparation and storage, thereby creating a seamless and cohesive look in the kitchen's style. With the modern kitchen trends, branded cooktops in India are common kitchen essentials. Bring home branded cooktops and designer cooktops that are sleek in design for your modern kitchen so that you can cook delicious dishes and enjoy with your family and friends. Sunflame offers designer cooktops in India such as designer stainless steel cooktops, glass cooktops, traditional stainless steel cooktops that are perfect kitchen appliances to match with your modern kitchen design. Choose the right cooktops for your kitchen is essential and it’s better to purchase a glass cooktop with smooth surface for a more seamless look and much easier to clean.