The decision of buying a new cooking top is not that of a small one. The family sits together to discuss about what should be bought. Today, there are different types of cooking top available in the market from designer cook tops, induction cookers to hobs. Each have their own significance but one cannot have all three mediums of cooking in one kitchen. Often people decide the gas top or induction top depending upon various factor. Among there are 2 major factors which determines the type of cooking appliance that will enter the kitchen. First one being the size of the kitchen and second one being number of members in the house.

Gas stoves have been used by women over many years and are habituated to use it. Although, the cooktops are still very popular, yet it takes more space in the kitchen and lot of grime and dripping oil get accumulated underneath, despite many cook tops having a drip tray. Cleaning the slab counter after cooking becomes a tedious task. To resolve this issue and also to make the kitchen more spacious, designer gas hobs have gained popularity in the Indian market. It can be set in any size of kitchen and also allow you to have extra working space. These are built-in appliance and are to be set in the kitchen counter by cutting the slab according to the dimension of the gas hob. The functional use of cooktop and hob is same and therefore, it does not require to learn the usage of hob. It makes the kitchen look neater.

The branded hobs are usually available in 3 burners or 4 burners with one small, one large and two medium-sized burners to adjust different sizes of vessels. They also come with auto ignition switch and does not require a lighter or matchstick to switch on the burner. It also gives good overall heat distribution, reducing the cooking time.

Sunflame offers classy designer hobs which are not only highly functional but also blends with the modern kitchen design. The brand also offer installation services at the client’s doorstep.

SFH - 64LTG is a stylish hob with black glass finish from Sunflame which will add to the décor of your kitchen. The offered product is designed as per the latest technology and is easy to clean.

  • Toughened glass working top
  • 1 Triple Ring Burner
  • 3 Semi Rapid Burners
  • Electric Auto-Ignition
  • 60 cms wide