Today almost every kitchen has a pop up toaster to make quick crispy toasts. These toasts are not burnt and have the sweet flavour of the bread. The crispiness of the bread can be controlled as the branded pop up toaster come with temperature regulator function which allows you to toast the bread according to your liking.  Once the toast is ready you can spread butter or mayo or jam evenly on it. Some even like adding some greens and smashed stuffing on the slice of bread and close it with another slice and convert the simple bread into a sandwich. But this type of open sandwich is difficult to handle as there is a chance of the stuffing to fall on your clothes or floor while you take a bite. Kids also mess up with open sandwich.

Sandwich toasters were invented to make this task simpler and easier. This small kitchen appliance not only toasts the bread but also seals it so that the stuffing is properly set in the bread and there is no difficulty in eating as all four sides of the bread is properly sealed. While taking a bite of this scrumptious sandwich, the filling will not slip out and create a mess.

How to make a sandwich in a sandwich toaster? Well it is very easy. First, grease the sandwich plate with butter and put to preheat. Meanwhile, prepare your bread by spreading little butter on the slices of bread. Now add the filling of your choice on one of the buttered slice and close it with the other slice now carefully place the bread in the preheated sandwich toaster and within few second you will get café style sandwich ready on your plate. This type of toaster not only toasts the bread but also cooks the filling to a certain extend making the sandwich tastier.

As sandwich toasters take more time to make the sandwich therefore lot of people prefer keeping the pop up toaster more in the kitchen as compared to sandwich makers. But nowadays people keep both the toasters in their kitchen as both have their special benefits.

Sunflame is a leading brand that offers the best branded sandwich toaster with seal and grill features to offer you two different types of sandwiches. Have a look at the features of Sunflame Sandwich Toaster SF-104/ Grill Toaster SF-105

  • 4 sealed sandwiches/grill sandwiches
  • 750 watts
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Teflon-coated cook plates
  • Inbuilt safety fuse