Whenever we buy a new house, we first check the kitchen and how well it has been designed. We also check the space and plan where you will keep your kitchen utensils and appliances. These things complete the kitchen and make it workable. If you planning to buy new appliances for your kitchen then first jot out what actually need. Now plan out and see if you want to buy combos or separate machines. Combos always save money and time. To give an example if you get a combo pack of hob and cooker hood then you can save a lot as buying these things separately can cost you a lot. When you are buying brand new stuff, you will always look for the best and also check if you can get multiple working option in one appliance.

In such case you can buy cooking range as it is one of the best cooking model with combinations. You get 3 appliances in one which are cooking stove top, griller and oven. It will help you make variations in meal everyday with ease. It is the best appliance for a larger family size. Now you can fulfills all the special meal requests of your family. It reduces your efforts and time which will give you lot of extra family time.  Even if some guests com to your place without informing, you can prepare a quick meal in no time and get the praises that you deserve. During your kid’s birthdays you can bake a lovely cake in the oven attachment of the range. No need to buy another oven or microwave for it. We all love grilled and tandoori dishes and often buy them from restaurants but with your branded cooking range you can grill food at home which will also be a healthier option. Before buying cooking ranges always measure your kitchen space.

For buying best cooking range in Delhi buy Sunflame Exotica GTSS. This is beautifully designed and is very operative and easy to use. Exotica GTSS is a brilliant all in one cooking model with Grill operating on gas while oven operates on electricity giving you perfectly baked food every time.

  • Size: 51 x 63 cm
  • 3 brass gas burners and 1electric hot plate
  • Separate grill and oven chambers
  • Grill operates on gas while oven is thermostatically
  • controlled and operates on electricity
  • Stainless steel sides
  • Spring-loaded toughened glass top cover