Guava Kulfi

4 Ripe Guavas (Washed and chopped into cubes)
10 Sprigs Mint leaves
1/2 Cup Sugar
400 Grams Hung Yogurt
100 Grams Whipped Cream (Use a whipping cream powder to create perfect whipped cream)
4 Tbsp Melon Seeds
Mint leaves for garnish


In a mixer jar add the chopped fruit, sugar and mint add 1/4 cup water and create a puree. Add the hung yogurt to the puree and blend till all ingredients are well combined.
Strain the created puree using a sieve.
Follow the package direction a create whipped cream (Whipped cream I'm using is non dairy avaiable at all supermarkets)
Gently fold the whipped cream with the fruit puree and transfer to a freezer box. Freeze over night or until the kulfi is set.
Assemble the kulfi in layers. In a tumbler add mint leaves, toasted melon seeds, and scoops of guava kulfi. Serve chilled Enjoy

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