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Regalia GTSS

MRP  Rs. 34,200.00

incl., of all taxes

• Stainless steel model
• 4 brass burner on top with separate grill
and oven chambers, all operating on gas
• Thermostatically-controlled, vitreous
enameled oven chamber
• Spring-loaded tempered glass top cover
for extra safety
• Auto-Ignition (optional) for burners on top
• Size: 51 x 63 cm

 Warranty: 1 Year

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The strength of toughened glass and the elegance of black granite add an opulent touch to your kitchen. Wipe away even the most stubborn stains after a messy meal with great ease.

Cleaning the burner after cooking a messy meal is easy as a breeze, thanks to the high stain and corrosion resistance of brass. The antique gold color compliments the black granite finish glass cooktop beautifully.

The stainless steel base lets you have a stress-free cooking experience with its stain and corrosion resistance so that your kitchen remains hygienic and clean. The brushed matte finish at the base matches the black granite finish glass cooktop.

Your cooking experience should be free of hassles and the stainless steel drip tray makes sure of just that. Enjoy a spill-proof and hassle free experience and maintain hygiene and cleanliness around the kitchen always

The sturdy pan support forms a firm base for all types of utensils so you can deal with any spillage or seeping effortlessly. The powder coating makes sure that the surface never chips or wears off.

Get started with your favorite part of cooking in just one go. With auto-ignition, save on the time your spend looking for a lighter or matchstick and prevent wastage of fuel.


Additional Information

Number Of Burners 4 Burner