Slim BK


Rs. 7,990.00

Rs. 5,993.00

  • Air Flow: 500 (m /h)
  • Finish: Black
  • Controls: Sliding
  • Filter: Cassette Filter
  • Lighting: 1 X Incandescent
  • Size: 60 (cms)

Warranty: 1 Years

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Equipped with stainless steel Baffle filters which are perfect for Indian kitchens. The Slim 60 BK CF features oil collector which only allow the air move freely between the filters. Requires cleaning every 6 months.

Featuring dishwasher safe cassette filters made from anti-rusting stainless steel. The multiple layers of mesh retain grease and oil particles from the exhaust smoke. The remaining smoke is ventilated out via the chimney.

Crafted with Stainless Steel body and a glass finish, the Slim 60 BK CF is designed for superior absorption of grime. An efficient way to control the exhaust and have a safe kitchen environment.

The Slim 60 BK CF comes with 2 LED efficient lights that consume very less power. It gives users the perfect amount of light while cooking.

Featuring Intelligent sliding controls for maximum comfort and convenience. Easy adjustment of light and different speed levels to create a perfect environment in the kitchen.

The Slim 60 BK CF comes with a powerful suction capacity of 500 m3/hr and is ideal for kitchen size of not greater than 100 sq ft. Operated with a powerful motor (10000 rpm) with an airflow of 21m/sec, the Aveo Dx chimney is perfect for low frying and grilling.


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